Monday, 21 May 2007

Chaptar 4

The planet Léon
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The aleeon capchered Leon and made him get chickin pocs all over his fas and in his hare. He was very angry at the aleon so he got pumpa from erth. Pumpa and Léon batald the aleeon and Léon and pumpa had thot that they had wun but at the lasst minit the aleeon bload up Léon and Gordon came to save pumpa from the aleeon. Then Gordon and Pumpa were safe from the aleeon and just then the aleeon hit Gordon with a lazer and Léon was turnd into a planet cos the aleeon was evel!!!
(Find out what happens in Chapter 5 when Pumpa goes for help)


Scudder said...

Hey Lotsie
Is it not time for Chapter 5 yet ?
I'm dying to know what happens when I go for help !!

Scudder said...

C'mon Lots ...
Time now surely for Chapter 5 ?